Beauty salons like Clayton salon are a place which deals with cosmetic treatments for both men and women. For such treatments, these establishments need certain equipment and beauty products. Many of us visit the beauty salons and spas very often, but we never know what the equipment required to perform the cosmetic treatments is.

The following are some of the equipment used in the Beauty salon and spa equipment:

  1. Back wash/ Shampoo Stations.
  2. Hair Pressing iron and Curling tongs.
  3. Massage Chairs.
  4. Face and hair steamers.
  5. Water fountains.
  6. Towel Warmers and U V Sterilizers.
Back Wash/ Shampoo stations:

Shampoo stations

Back wash or shampoo station is the equipment which is used to wash your hair before a hair cut or after colouring your hair. The equipment has a comfortable chair designed so that you can rest your neck properly in a way that your hair entirely falls on the sink which is attached to the seat. The sink is at an elevated height in such a way that it is convenient for the beautician to wash and clean your hair.

Hair Pressing iron and Curling tongs:

Hair Pressing iron and Curling tongs

Hair pressing iron is used for straightening of hair and making it extra silkier. The ‘pressing iron’ works by the principle of heat being exerted on the hair so that the texture of the hair smoothens and becomes straight. The Hair pressing iron contains flat irons which shape the hair into a straight surface.

Similarly, the curling tongs use heat to soften the texture of the hair, and the beautician rotates the hair in such a way that the hair curls up.

Massage Chairs:

Massage Chairs

Massage chairs have a comfortable seating in which you can sit, and the chair vibrates and provides a relaxing effect. The Massaging-chair provides a complete toning effect to your body. Massage chairs found in spas mostly than on beauty salons.

Face and hair steamers:

Face and hair steamers

Bacteria on the face and hair is killed using these streamers. And other germs in your skin and hair. The steam which comes from the equipment opens up the pores in your face and head, and all the ozone gas which originates from the machine goes inside the pores and kills all the bacteria and other germs from your face and head. The steamers also eliminate the dead and damaged cells, also helps in repairing the damaged cells. A face and hair steamer is excellent equipment used in the beauty salons.

Water fountains:

Water fountains

The water fountains kept as show case where water flows down through the glass. When we see the water flow downwards through the glass, we get a relaxed and exotic feeling.

Towel Warmers and U V Sterilizers:

Towels are something which is needed by all the beauty salons and spas. Each time these towels cannot be thrown away after one use thus the beauticians need to make sure that they clean the sheets correctly. Towel warmers and U V sterilizers are perfect for that. This equipment clean and keep the towels germ free.